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Mission and Vision

A prominent real estate company in Lebanon, Cityscape Development has a people-centric approach. We recognize future trends and use our progressive flair for modern design to bring them to life in the present. Focusing on impacting people’s lifestyles, Cityscape Development takes on the challenge of creating contemporary experiences and building distinct structures that go deeper than walls and ceilings since shelter is an extension of the human experience. And so, we create living experiences as part of the evolving DNA of the city, community, and people. Experiences that welcome home comfort, convenience, and the latest advancements.

Our aim is to become regionally recognized as the company of choice for reliable, highly innovative, and sustainable construction solutions. We seek to uphold our reputation for integrity, modernism, and expertise by continuously providing timely professional services of superior quality, maintaining industry safety standards, ensuring the well-being of people, and being environmentally-friendly.


Cityscape Development takes ownership of the design, planning, engineering, project management, contracting, sales and marketing. Our services cover the complete lifecycle of real estate development, from the moment we agree to have a building to the day people move in. Working closely with our clients, we foster long-term work relationships and bring our in-depth understanding of the market and insight into contemporary trends to the forefront. Our expertise encompasses general contracting, project management, interior design and refurbishment, construction management, and property management. Well known for our diversity, we professionally handle all aspects of the conception, transformation, and construction of any type of project.

  • Real Estate Development
  • Construction Management
  • Property Management

Cityscape Development brings affordable luxury to Beirut and the rest of Lebanon. We optimize our investment by offering our clients as much as possible and integrating trends that are the foundations of long-term benefits. Adaptable, flexible, and responsive, our expertise spans the full scope of real estate development. At Cityscape Development, we are driven to respond to people’s needs. This goes beyond offering remarkable buildings. One step ahead and forward looking, we transform the way people experience home through smart living, state-of-the-art technology, cutting edge innovation, and thoughtful design. This is our signature. As is treating our clients like partners.

We are built on-

Integrity: Remaining true to our values of transparency and professionalism has earned us an outstanding reputation and has given us the opportunity to undertake some of the highest profile projects in the country.

Innovation: By utilizing technologically advanced techniques and implementing modern designs that meet the ever-changing trends of the market.

People: Because our greatest assets are our employees, we strive to make Cityscape a rewarding place to work with a collaborative environment and personal and professional growth opportunities.

Safety: Through training and by encouraging adherence to standards that create a safe working environment, we guarantee the well-being of our employees and the success of our clients’ projects.